just the two of us

Well, as everyone probably knows, I love my wife, Rena, more than anything in the world. That is of course, until she failed me and our relationship in a way that I may never be able to recover from. I am taking baby steps now to try to come to terms with this deep breach of trust. But it is taking time. What kind of issue could possibly cause such a horrible divide in our relationship, you might ask…

Well, last year, her company had a mustache growing contest and she failed to win, or to even place.
We were devastated. The Starr family name lost all honor.

Luckily, this year, husbands of employees are allowed to compete. So I am going to compete and compete hard. My personal trainer has got me on a regiment of Rogaine and follicle stimulating facial push ups.

I know we can get through these trying times, if we stick together. Just the two of us. Well, the two of us and Wilbur. Too bad he can’t compete in the contest.