This is the first word on my new word list. My daily blog-a-word, if you will. Fiasco.
What a terrible word. Let’s examine it.

First, let’s break it down into it’s Latin origins. Now, the dictionary will tell you that “fiasco” originally meant to “bottle” or “make a bottle”. But as we all know, the dictionary is full of shit.

If you break the word down to it’s pseudo Latin roots you get the following:

Fi – Ass – Co.
With the word broken into its core building blocks you can plainly see where this little nugget came from. Let me spell it out:
Fi – Latin for “Fee” as in, amount due for services.
Ass – Latin for “Ass” as in, derriere, the greater anal region or as in “back?, baby got it!”
Co. – Latin for “Company” as in, an institution of similarly retarded people marching lock step into the same dark abyss of mediocrity and self deluded refusal to believe that the enterprise that they are engaging in is a half-assed attempt to create a sound foundation using matchsticks and feces with the consistency of quicksand.

Which pretty much sums up every company I’ve ever worked at:

Those crazy ancient Latinos got this one right.